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Monthly reports with detailed rank report for client’s website.


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At TopSEOz In the web promotion process we incorporate a complete package of On page and off page optimization techniques.  First and foremost On page optimization techniques are considered and detailing to every process involved in on page optimization is given.   Once the On page optimization process is completed then the off page optimization is carried out. Some of the of page optimization techniques are directory submission, Article Submission, Blog Posting, Link building, among these techniques few of them are considered to be as reciprocal link building techniques and few of them are considered to be as non reciprocal link building techniques.

At TopSEOz directory submission is carried very vigilantly.  We submit our client’s site to various directory sites. The benefit accrued from it is that when the customer’s websites are listed in various directories then the flow of traffic and back links from those directories increases.  Article Submission ia another noteworthy SEO process.  But with the panda and penguin algorithm the method of submissions have changed.  We make a note that we follow the guidelines provided by Google at all point of time to attain success.  The articles are informatively written and the keyword density is maintained in the article.  There are several article submission sites. TopSEOz focuses on submitting to the article sites that are popular and posse’s good ranking.  One check at regular intervals to gain insights on where from the traffic is driven to the website so that we can highlight those areas. 

We use the method of Blog posting as this is another versatile technique which cannot be missed out. In the blog posting method a blog of our client is prepared and each day a blog post is written and submitted with appropriate linking.  Fresh and informative content is loved by Google.  So we focus on providing fresh content.  We submit content to various blogs as well.  Therefore this brings links from various websites to our client’s websites. We employ Link building which is used in SEO process for several years down the line where links are exchanged with other websites. 

Press release is another vital Off Page Optimization technique that we use. Similar to article submission an active PR is written and submitted to press release portals. This is one of the most effective Off Page Optimization techniques. Forum posting and video submission are other crucial methods of Off Page Optimization techniques which are used by TopSEOz.
We also incorporate classified ad posting as this gets good amount of backlink to the website.  Social bookmarking and social networking techniques are also used in our SEO process.  In the package that our customers choose a detailed description is provided about the different types of submission and activities that we involve.  According to the package that our customers choose we provide the Off Page Optimization techniques and make a note of the result of every activity that we perform so that any futile effort is not carried over for a longer time.


At TopSEOz, our mission is to accomplish online visibility and bestow the online businesses a synergetic platform to present their businesses in the top 10 amidst their competitors. We strive to update ourselves and employ futuristic and cutting edge technology and SEO process which are accepted by Google. We promise tangible results to our clients and help them to realize the importance of SEO. We never compromise for quality and update ourselves to keep pace with the fast evolving changes. We aim to keep ourselves fresh and focused in our goals.