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While most of them focus only on SEO and SMO we add up conversion optimization techniques.  The effectiveness of the term is very crucial. Whether it is large scale or small scale businesses, the main motive is the growth in the business.  the rate of growth that we envisage is the index used for calculating growth.  Thus the TopSEOz lays emphasis on the conversion optimization techniques which is rather more essential.  In the conversion optimization techniques the potential customer is turned into the buyer.  Isn’t it amazing?

At TopSEOz we use a proven method which helps to increase the conversion rate.  In the process, we motivate people who visit your site to buy from you.  In the process many other manifolds are involved.  We help you by creating a way out to acheive your business goals. Here in this process we analyze the efficiency of your website. Therefore we create a web page that is highly appealing and that is professionally designed.  We get answers to our questions by analyzing how competently is the customer’s website performing? Understanding whether there are proper usage of the site such as lead forms and requirements of the customers at TopSEOz we make the due changes in the website.

At TopSEOz conversion optimization techniques have gained grounds because of several reasons. We have a proven track record of conversion optimization. We have been successful in influencing people and making them buy.  It is due to effective techniques conversion optimization increases the revenue of the website to a very large extent.  When we talk about conversion optimization we check out the website from the top to the bottom.  A thorough understanding of the several concepts is very essential. Before optimizing we ensure solution which is chosen would be just for the business.

Therefore diagnosing and comparing the performance of the website is rather more important at the beginning so that due corrections could be made. Every page of the website must be diagnosed thoroughly before optimization techniques are evolved. Therefore at regular intervals we check the website and keep a track of the change.  Therefore it is clear that the website revenue would increase only by employing right techniques in the website. 

At TopSEOz our main focus is the primary audience of your business. We identify them from the crowd and reach them.  We try to find out what they are looking for and ensure that you accomplish that in your website.  Asking customers to buy what you sell is not the right choice.  Rather the right choice is selling what they want. We focus on every element of conversion to the intricacy.  TopSEOz always strives hard to maintain the quality of the website and also the quality of the service provided.  TopSEOz ensure that at any point of time we would employ the most powerful and strategic methodology to gain effective results. In the mean time, we also find the conversion problems and appropriate solutions for it.


At TopSEOz, our mission is to accomplish online visibility and bestow the online businesses a synergetic platform to present their businesses in the top 10 amidst their competitors. We strive to update ourselves and employ futuristic and cutting edge technology and SEO process which are accepted by Google. We promise tangible results to our clients and help them to realize the importance of SEO. We never compromise for quality and update ourselves to keep pace with the fast evolving changes. We aim to keep ourselves fresh and focused in our goals.