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Here at TopSEOz, every client I treated as VIP client and we always work for our 100% client satisfaction. At TopSEOz you will get all SEO solutions for your business need and we will work according to your requirements.

Monthly Report System

Monthly reports with detailed rank report for client’s website.

Customized SEO Packages

Offer custom made SEO packages as per your demand.

Guaranteed 1st Page Listing

1st page ranks for nearly all keyword phrases, recommended by us.

Inexpensive PPC campaign Management

Low priced PPC management fee for ongoing business administration.

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Terms and Conditions

Topseoz does not guarantee that the key words which achieve top ranking on Google that would continue to stay in top position. It is subject to change due to many factors such as google Algorithms, completion faced by competitors campaigns and so on. Topseoz focuses on boosting the visibility of the client’s website and achieve high level search engine ranking on Google. But we cannot promise for any definite ranking on other search engines. Getting increased ranks does not quantify the level of increase in sales and the increase in the number of visitors to the website. Topseoz does not signify any of these in the marketing process.

We highly focus on achieving what we promise and guarantee of top ten ranking in google, but if the customer does not employ the changes made on the website made by Topseoz and even if in case the customer makes any changes to the pages optimized by us then the guarantee provided by us is deemed to be nullified.

There on customer is subject to make the final payment. If the customer is found involved in spamming activities such as creating hidden links then the payment will never be refund. Page redirect or cloaking techniques, Links to link-farms or other internet marketing activities without our consent then in any of these cases the cancellation of our guarantee is applicable.   
During the entire web marketing process whenever there is some paid campaign or advertisement is employed which demands fees, these third Party Fees are to be borne by the customers until it is specified by TopSEOz in the Search engine promotion package that you pay for.

Once opting for the SEO service of TopSEOz and makes the payment for the same the client endows the authority to submit and endorse the Web Site pages to Search Engines and directories. We must be provided grounds to make any changes to the structure and content of the website which would be part of optimization techniques.  However, TopSEOz would work in coordination with you and intimate you with what changes we make. Only if the customer gives access to FTP and provides the username and password and allow us to access their website we can make the changes.

Therefore TopSEOz guarantees confidentiality in maintaining the log-in information of the client’s website. After the changes are made we would intimate you so that you could make changes to your login details.  With the prior notice 30 days notice you can cancel or terminate the agreement. Once you sign the agreement contract it is clear that you have followed the terms and agreed to the same.

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